The goal of the Omega Experience is the transformation of your church and its members. One of the best ways to kick-start this journey is to host a “Launch the Omega Experience” Weekend.

During your launch weekend, we will provide a personalized and detailed approach for your church’s journey to building holistic, transformational, disciple-making communities. A Launch Weekend is usually comprised of the following 3 components:

  • Speaking – A live sermon or speaking to your congregation is a great way to begin and inspire your members!
  • Seminar – In-depth seminar/workshop with key leaders in the church. During this session (between 2-4 hours depending on time constraints) we will examine the essential aspects of building holistic, transformational disciple-making communities and how the Omega Experience is built to help facilitate the journey.
Leading the Omega Experience Conference – A day long conference to empower and equip churches to lead the Omega Experience within your ministry through training, strategic planning, practical experience and application workshops.

  • Consulting and Live Trainer TrainingMeet with your senior leadership team to consider the strategic philosophy of the Omega Experience and how to tailor make the Experience for your congregation. Then to train the live trainers of the congregation to facilitate or teach Body life Basics and Delta live.

View some example schedules for a launch weekend

View some available options to integrate into your Launch Weekend.

This weekend will help you identify “What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and What’s Missing” from your church’s overall disciple-making strategy, inspire your congregation toward fulfilling the great commission and provide you with next-steps through the Omega Experience.

Call us at (630) 259-8438 or send an email to to schedule your “Launch Omega Experience” Weekend.