The Church as a disciple-making community is broken and in desperate need of renewal (View “Our Current Reality” page). As a response to this current situation, we at Life Spring Network, have developed a comprehensive blueprint for you and your community to dive into the deepest levels of discipleship the way it was meant to be experienced: together. Our goal is to help churches develop into fully functioning, disciple-making communities.

Truly Equipping People for Missional Living

FAITH-FUNCTIONS_300The Omega Experience is designed to equip people to understand God’s mission for their lives and live on mission with Him. We define God’s mission for our lives as: Connecting people in real loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, with one another in contagious Christian Community and with their Calling of servanthood in the world.

Beyond Inspiration and Education to Transformation

Even in seemingly vibrant churches today, many members are trapped in shallow faith experiences and do not experience true transformational growth toward Christlikeness. The Omega Experience guides and encourages your church to develop into a holistic, transformational disciple-making community. Growing disciples according to a strategic Life Process aids our corporate disciple-making and helps us to establish a new normal.

Faith Functions and Spiritual Life Changes

Life-Focus-Process_300God’s Spirit guides and empowers us to live by Faith in Him. As people come alive in Christ, it is important to help them understand what life lived by Faith looks like and how best to discipline their lives to encourage their growth. The key elements which reinforce the Spiritual life changes that God is trying to bring about in all of our lives are:

  • Calling people to Holistic Discipleship,
  • Providing the Core Training to facilitate movement, and
  • Engaging in a multi-layered covenant community which reinforces this new life in the Spirit.

Overview Diagram

The Path to Change

The Path to Change was developed by Life Spring Network to help guide churches in determining which courses and seminars they could start with or what their next step might be in their transformational journey. It is comprised of 4 steps, along with the appropriate courses to help churches accomplish those steps.

Commit To Community

Cast the vision for transformational discipleship through covenant community and Biblical relationship excellence. These seminars help establish the right expectations for a church’s journey to becoming a holistic, transformational, disciple-making community. Take your leaders through Body Life Basics and/or creating a Connection Culture then discuss what is right, wrong and missing from your church experience. Use the U.N.I.T.Y. in Marriage seminar to introduce people to a Biblical view of marriage and the importance of discipleship and covenant community:

Steward Your Life

Christian Life Training Take your leaders through the Delta and/or Omega Courses to initiate them into covenant group life, mentoring relationships and growing according to a Personal Growth Plan. Then facilitate regular Renew, Refresh and Refocus Retreats to help them develop and revise their Personal Growth Plans season after season. After you have begun to establish a new normal with your leaders have them lead others through the eight-session Delta Course and/or the 24-session Omega Course as basic training for every believer.

Serve With Your Gifts

Going deeper into your Calling of Servanthood These seminars guide people to continue to grow as disciples and go deeper into their calling of servanthood. Repeat this journey for other members of your congregation using those who just completed this journey to serve as small group leaders and mentors. Offer the Empowered Servanthood and Making Cent$ Seminar, as well as other Christian Life Training Courses/Studies, to take people deeper into different aspects of their lives.

Invest Your Life In Others

Leader Training These seminars are created to train you in the vital leadership roles necessary to facilitate holistic, transformational disciple-making. Have your leadership team take the Leading the Omega Experience Seminar and the C.O.R.E. Small Group L.E.A.D.E.R. Seminar before they begin to lead their own Delta or Omega Course Experience. The Omega Mentor Training Seminar can be done before or after the Delta Course.

To learn more about Life Spring Network, the Omega Experience and the Delta or Omega Courses, read An Introduction to Life Spring Network (PDF)