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Recent Devotionals

Identity Roles – Inner Circle

God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) exists in community, and knows we need close relationships to speak into our lives and to help us to not be alone. At the Transfiguration, Jesus revealed himself completely, in all his glory, to Peter, James and John. Since we are not yet completely like Christ, our complete revelation to others will reveal faults as well as strengths, but it is still important to our growth to maturity that we transparently share our lives with a few trusted friends. Who do you let see the real you, the whole you, warts and all, and allow to speak God’s wisdom into your life? Find them, treasure them, live in community with them.

Identity Roles – Biblical Community

We need Christ-centered covenant relationships if we are going to become all that God intends us to become. We need the love, the fellowship, the wisdom and the accountability of fellow Christians being used by God to keep us on the right track. Let’s embrace community together.