Step 1 – Awareness and Conviction
Step one is to bring awareness to people that we are not doing a good job of making disciples in the Church and conviction that we must change.


Intro to the Omega Experience Seminar
In this two-hour seminar, participants will receive a brief history and overview of the Omega Experience in a way that clarifies its purpose for church-wide transformation. It is designed to help people understand the changes that we must make as the church of Jesus Christ if we are going to fulfill the great commission.


Meet them where they are
The church in America is addicted to programs and topical learning. We are desperately in need of Biblical Relationship training. Use these seminars, Body Life Basics, Creating a Connection Culture and Unity in Marriage to minister to people in their place of need (i.e. lack of Biblical community, relational disconnection and marriage) while casting a vision for a holistic transformationaldisciple-making journey.

Step 2 – Assess and Plan
Step two is to assess where you are as a church and put together a contextualized plan for transforming your congregation.


Leading the Omega Experience Conference
This one-day experiential conference builds on the Intro to the Omega Experience seminar and equips your leadership team to understand how to facilitate the Omega Experience in your own context and put together a contextualized implementation plan.

Step 3 – Implement your Plan
Step three is to implement your plan using the various seminars, courses, life groups, ministry teams and mentoring relationships until it becomes part of the new normal of your congregational life together.


Body Life Basics
Create a custom made version of BLB, to be used in your church membership process, or use the generic version to help your congregation understand God’s mission for your corporate life together.


C.O.R.E. Small Group L.E.A.D.E.R. Training
Use this seminar to train your covenant life group leaders to facilitate true Biblical community and serve others as peer (Delta) mentors.


Delta and Renew, Refresh, Refocus Retreat
Help people to understand God’s mission for their lives, engage in covenant relationships and build a Personal Growth Plan through the Delta course. Continue to renew that plan season after season using the Renew, Refresh, Refocus Retreat.


Empowered Servanthood
Train people to connect with their calling of servanthood, discover their divine P.U.R.P.O.S.E. and begin serving on ministry teams.

Step 4 – Renew your Plan and Grow Deeper.
Step four is to continually renew your disciple-making plan year after year and grow deeper in different aspects of servant leadership and reproducing servant leaders by participating in our annual Disciple-making Summit.


Disciple-making Summit
This annual event is designed to help you and your leadership team renew your strategic plan, grow deeper through world class training and continue to explore the various aspects of building holistic transformational disciple-making communities.


Omega Course
Use the Omega Course to take your people deeper into discipleship and train leaders of others.


Mentor Training
Equip your leaders to mentor others through the Omega Course with this world class mentor training seminar.


Ministry Team Leader Training
Discover God’s wisdom for leading others into their calling of servanthood and encouraging them to serve in the Spirit.