“Greetings, Brother, this past weekend a group of us gathered to share and grow in the unity in marriage experience. What a blessing! God was certainly at work and major strongholds were broken and marriages recharged and refocused for the kingdom. I have included a photo to share with you the lives God has used you to bless. Thanks again, and God’s blessings on your day.
unity in marriage

Pastor “Bryan” A. Reeves


“This seminar allowed for us to discuss topics that are uncomfortable, but necessary. Would recommend to any couple.”

Mike Camperege and Karen Foss


“It was a gift that we’ve never experienced before for our marriage and provides the tools for building a strong relationship under God. Jason, not only provides the scripture for support, but shares many personal stories that we can relate to.”

Mr. and Mrs. Pozeck


“By participating in the UNITY Retreat, we had our eyes opened as to how much God cares about our marriage and that we cannot truly do this on our own!”

Mr. and Mrs. Vargas


“This seminar should be a required course for any couple that is married or is thinking about getting married. It forces people to look into their souls and shows you where you need to make improvements. We need to have God first in our lives and our marriage!”

Mr. and Mrs. Moeller


“UNITY in Marriage has helped to show us what our roles in the marriage should be and what areas we need to improve to make our relationship stronger.”

Dan Wichtendah and Monika Andes


“UNITY has made us take a deeper look into our relationship and to some of the bigger underlying issues that we haven’t discussed. The seminar showed us how to be more cohesive.”

Ali Khaliqdina and Susan Helmke


“UNITY has completely changed our marriage as we were doing it all backward! We need to put our priorities in order and put God first in our lives and in our marriage. It has been a blessing already to be able to have this opportunity.”

Mr. and Mrs. B. Gibbons


“The seminar taught us that God needs to be a bigger part of our relationship!”

Jack Bowers and Rachel Cox


“Over this three day seminar, we were brought closer together not only as a couple, but to God as well. It showed us that we truly need to submit to God in our lives!”

Patrick Perrault and Lisa Chraca


“UNITY provides encouragement and a roadmap to not only deepen our relationship with Christ but create a wonderful Christ-filled marriage!”

Mr. and Mrs. K. Abraham


“This seminar helped us to see some of the things that we never saw as a part of marriage”

Alyson Bialek and Anthony Scolaro


“The UNITY Seminar gives you a clear and concise way on how to live your life in marriage. It shows the path with clear understanding and gives you time to focus on “us“. We have to get back to the basics and have to work on intimacy!”

Mr. and Mrs. D. Kelly


“We initially felt that there were Divine Hands in bringing us together. As more time goes on, more is revealed and validates the original thought. We believe God has called us to a higher purpose. He revealed that I am to hold up my partner and love them as God loves them, to make sure I am doing right by them.”

Frank Fuster and Alicia Melman


“This seminar covers every aspect of marriage. We learned that there are many more things affecting our marriage than we ever realized. We plan on continuing to recognize and grow strong in them.”

Mr. and Mrs. Rivera


“Our experience with the UNITY in Marriage seminar has helped us hold up a mirror to our relationship; as a result it encouraged us to put together a strategic plan for our marriage that puts Christ first.”

Mr. and Mrs. Zielke