“A gifted teacher presenting key principles of life stewardship in an organized and effective manner. Good stuff!”

Dick Towner, Executive Director, Good $ense Stewardship Movement

“This class is a powerful way to resubmit to God and His plans and purpose for you. It will provide a lifetime of tools to use to continue to grow in your relationship with God and others. I realize that I am a work in progress and need to continue to train throughout my life. ”

Jennifer Damer

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to truly grow closer to God. It taught me to begin my day in prayer and keep myself aligned with Him. ”

Kareen Ripperda

“The Omega Course inspires you to go to the next level of effectiveness. It provides a framework and gives voice to becoming a congruent person who connects deeply with God.”

Martin Sanders
President, Global Leadership; Professor, Alliance Theological Seminary

“This series has confirmed for me that God is calling me to lead the church in a new/old way Rather than starting my day with a checklist of things I must do and accomplish. Now I will start my day with a list of who I will mentor. The Omega Course is a radical way of doing church. Instead of piling on more programs (for program’s sake) as if somehow we show how ‘successful’ we are by how busy we are. Now, the goal is leading a life of “significance”. But how can a person come to know this if I am not actively demonstrating that their life is indeed “significant” by spending time with them?”

Rev. Brigitta Remole

“Omega is an excellent way to grow in Christianity and your faith. It is beneficial to both new and mature Christians. This course taught me the importance of a covenant community and group of people who can help and support you. Because of Omega I will become more involved in the church.”

David S.

“When I first decided to take this class I was very apprehensive, but once I stripped away and let God live within me, I really have been able to stop some things and add others on my to do list. I have been able to evaluate things and really find what matters. I would totally recommend this course to others.”

J. Ebert

“If you are willing to do the work, this class will impact your relationship with Christ. I was convicted and challenged in many areas and my walk with Jesus has deepened”

S. Hiller

“I would definitely recommend this journey to others. I believe this course is vital to the authentic and abundant life of Christ”

D. Yarbrough

““I feel this course specifically explores what God is telling us in the Bible, and lays out a path for bringing you closer with God.”

D. Scoles

“It took the “40 Days of Purpose” to a whole new deeper level. The tools and resources I gained will provide me with a way to continue to focus on living the abundant life.”

L. Fisher

“I have grown much closer to God during this time and I am growing closer to understanding the potential that I have to bring glory to God. I now begin each day realizing that I need to be a servant first and it is my purpose to be a blessing to others.”

M. Wahlen

“This course is life transforming!”

M. Roach

“Omega has been a wonderful experience. I have been encouraged to look deeper into my relationships with my family, my church and my community. I want to continue to strengthen these relationships and be all I can for God’s purpose.”

J. Chickey

“Certainly an eye-opening experience in who l am and what God’s real plan is for me.”

D. Carter.

“The Omega Course made me reflect on my daily walk with the Lord and how I can grow closer to Christ and be the best witness I can be for Him!”

Karen Mueller

“The Omega Experience is awesome! Life Changing, interesting, and challenging. Everyone should have this experience to better understand themselves and God’s purpose for each one of us.”

C. Schramm

“Opened my Heart to God in ways I could not deal with alone. It gave me the tools to hold myself accountable and change.”

L. Hanson

“This course reminded me of who I am in Christ and how to desire, think, feel, and act according to God’s revealed will. Why recommend? God invites us to grow as Disciples of Christ, and I realized the importance of listening to God through His word, reflecting upon the Spirit’s work in and through my life, and the importance of mentors in my life”

D. Warmann

“This is the most articulate guide for Christian life experience I have ever experienced and I’ve been through many! This is by far the most “user friendly”. Understandably able to be implemented in everyday life.”

Adelaide Warring

“Life Spring Network’s Omega Course unleashes God’s abundance in your life. It is an outstanding seminar series whose teaching will transform your life and leadership.”

Joe Womack, Leader, Generous Living Ministries
Irving Bible Church, Irving, TX

“It is with much enthusiasm that I endorse the Omega course by Jason Pankau. The content, depth, scriptural accuracy and application to our lives, is in my opinion, phenomenal. Not only was the course interesting and exciting, but it had a huge impact on my life, and more importantly on my walk with the Lord. I highly recommend the course to anyone who desires to grow deeper in their faith.”

Allan Moffat
Elder, Gracepoint Community Church,
Surrey, BC Author, Surprised by God