“Delta is an “action” course that gets you involved and inspired to act on your faith and build upon it in a community. It teaches you how to build a clear plan to develop your faith and hold each other accountable so you can grow and live the abundant life!”

Keith Abraham

“The Delta Course has really laid out exactly what I need to do to live the abundant life and experience and express the love of God. It taught me how to understand that life is a journey and we need to recalibrate every single day in order to stay focused, disciplined and submitted.”

Brian Pesch

“I would recommend the Delta Course to every christian – it truly is a life changing transformation! It taught me that the life I had been leading was dead and now I feel like I have the tools to get me to be a true disciple. I will wake each day and submit myself to God and His plan for my life.”

Amy Gibbons

“Delta brings clarity and christian focus to consciously living in alignment and submission to God. We need to be more intentional about how we choose to live our lives. Delta teaches you to have daily, weekly and quarterly reflection time to enable us to live out my christian life.”

Brian McLaughlin

“Delta offers both knowledge beyond the basics of Christianity and the tools needed to enable transformation to reach the abundant life. The best part of Delta is that it gives you a way to plan your growth and teaches you that with the help of God and christian mentors in your life, you can achieve your goals!”

Paul Bocci

“This course has taught me that I need to focus my life on God’s will in my roles. It has also given me the tools necessary to do His will. I plan to find a mentor to help keep me accountable in my new goals.”

Ginny Milas

“Delta provides focused sessions to understand God’s vision and to align our daily lives toward His plan. It has taught me that we all need mentors in our lives to help hold us accountable for the plans God has given us.”

Dave Vance

“Delta has taught me that in this season of my life, trusting God does not have to look like one being oblivious to our troubles – we do not need to be stuck in what were our prior roles in life. We need to trust God as He sometimes changes our role in life dependent on the ‘season’ we are going through and He will always be there for us.”

Marlo Rivera

“Delta helped me to move through the commitment of transformation, changing my attitudes and actions and allowing God to make the needed changes in my life!”

Bonnie Carter

“I found Delta to be a very positive experience and highly motivating. It helped to keep me focused on devoting time to God and to my daily Spiritual Disciplines.”

Michelle Brown

“The Delta Course not only provides time to share with others, but more importantly gives the time to nurture my relationship with the Father and is rich in time to build a personal growth plan. I am excited to reacquaint myself with journaling, study of the Word and have fellowship with others.”

Patricia Homp

“Delta has shown me that the “goal line” keeps moving and that change happens only through God. He reveals the area of my life that needs focus and He allows change through connection with Him. I need to continue to ask for, and depend on, His power to make changes and work through building a personal growth plan every season.”

Ryan McAdams

“Delta was very inspirational for me. It taught me to be more focused on the areas of my life that can be changed, to be aligned more with God’s purpose and how to go about making these changes through the Holy Spirit and submitting to God. I will work to find a mentor and continue to progress.”

Bob Peterson

“Delta really challenged me to reflect on and chart a course for my discipleship journey. Beyond that, it provides the guidance on how to stay the course. An abundant life is found by experiencing and expressing God’s love through an on-going process of having others in my life that will keep me focused to stay submitted to God. Very empowering!”

Mark Pautsch

“As a lifelong person of a traditional based faith experience, Delta was a transformational experience. Through this course, I have learned to put God in the driver seat of my life! Submission paired with action!”

Eric Rosenquist

“Delta is an essential course that all Christians need! It showed me that discipline and mentoring is key to setting your habits and goals to serve God’s Kingdom.”

Matt Watts