Delta iconDiscovering the Changes that lead to Abundant Living
The Christian life is all about transformation, becoming more like Jesus. The eight-session Delta Course guides participants into an understanding of the transformational journey of discipleship and equips them with the wisdom and tools necessary to grow a life holistically alive in Christ. A key part of Delta is discerning and implementing a personal growth plan.

Delta is an ideal course for new believers. It prepares them to take full advantage of the more in-depth, 24-session Omega Course journey.

Breakdown of the Eight Sessions:DeltaEnteringLight

  1. Abundant Living
  2. Connecting with Christ
  3. Connecting with Community
  4. Connecting with Calling
  5. The Journey of Transformation
  6. Realizing Life’s Potential
  7. The Joy of Discipline
  8. Aligned Training

Note: We have built an optional 2 session half-day retreat called the “Know Thyself Retreat” into the Delta Course journey. These 2 additional sessions go deeper into Session 6 of the Delta Course journey looking at 24 Character Strengths and the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. paradigm in more depth. They can also be done as 2 extra weeks to create a 10 week journey.


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