Start a mentoring movement in your own church or congregation by hosting or sending your leaders to this dynamic one-day seminar/retreat. During this six-session seminar, you will dive into the deeper aspects of mentoring that include: the power of transformational ministry, principles of mentoring and coaching, and mentoring others using the Delta and Omega Courses.

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Topics covered include:

  • The Trans-Theoretical Model
  • The V.I.M. Transformational Strategy
  • 12 Relational Priorities of Jesus
  • The Constellation Model of Mentoring
  • Ten Guidelines for Mentoring Relationships
  • Holistic Mentoring using the Omega Course content
  • Mentoring Questions for every aspect of the Omega Course to help facilitate the mentoring relationship.

Watch Jason Pankau teach the first session of the Omega Mentor Training Seminar below.

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