Into-to-Omega-Experience-icon_cmykIn this Free two-hour seminar, participants will receive a brief history and overview of the Omega Experience in a way that clarifies its purpose for church-wide transformation. It is designed to help people understand the changes that we must make as the church of Jesus Christ if we are going to fulfill the Great Commission.

To host an Intro to the Omega Experience contact Life Spring Network at 630-259-8438.

Topics covered include:

  • The Current State of Disciple-Making
  • The Disciple’s Journey
  • How to Develop a Spirit-led, Disciple-Making Culture
  • How we can help you to build a holistic, transformational disciple-making community
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Watch Jason Pankau teach the Intro to the Omega Experience Seminar

You can watch all 5 parts of the seminar here.

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