“This seminar has given me key things to think about and reflect on within myself. It has also helped me to see that I can help to defuse many of the negative actions of others and to continue to build a culture of purpose.”

Terese Finn

“This seminar has raised my awareness of how groups can work toward common goals.”

Tim Murphy

“This seminar has opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing in trying to connect with others. I realize there are moments when I am an unintentional disconnector based on my insensitivity to not listen. A lot of great information that I can’t wait to digest and utilize. This course is full of “ah-ha” ideas to improve and foster better relationships in the body of Christ.”

Katie Yoon

“As a result of this seminar, I am much more informed about the purposes and the intentions of creating strong communities and seeing what really is at the root. My laziness and self-centerdness leads to unintentional disconnection at times. I intend to be more aware of surroundings and the concerns of others.”

Jack Liu

“This seminar has strengthened the principles of my life.”

Louis M. Ruffaco Jr.

“The Connection Culture Seminar brought a greater attention to me on what I need to work on. I really need to work on listening better. Many items hit home and would help many people in life and businesses. If I had to summarize the Creating a Connection Culture seminar in one word it would be: change, something to help someone through life – business and family.”

Scott Sevon

“The Connection Culture Seminar brought thought patterns to the forefront and gave me a roadmap for implementation. I intend to listen better to others as a result of this seminar. God drove (guided me) to this seminar and for good reason. I thank God for this guidance.”

Michael Nagel

“As a result of this seminar, I intend to become a mentor. This seminar gave very useful information and can be implemented immediately. God revealed that I need a lot of work on leadership skills.”

Bob and Jeanne Wartan

“The Connection Culture seminar reinforced many beliefs and actions of the past and inspired me to renew projects on back burner. I intend to become more active at home, church and the community.”

Dan Hildebrandt

“I now know how important connection is as a result of this seminar. At times I have been both an intentional disconnector and an unintentional disconnector. As a result of this seminar I intend to go out of my way to connect. I would recommend this seminar to others because it has made me realize how important connection is to everyone. I need to connect with people and maybe even get a mentor. And I will pray about mentoring someone.”

Tom Schramm

“The Connection Culture seminar elevated my interest. I have been convinced that I function as an unintentional disconnector or intentional disconnector because of a lack of follow through. I intend to plan, listen, and follow-through better as a result of this seminar.””

Rick Heller

“As a result of The Connection Culture Seminar, I feel equipped to do this now. I drift too much. I intend to stop drifting. Jason is an inspiring and contagious speaker. I need to learn more about “true” leaders and hold them up as examples to follow others.”

Mike Roach