“The Body Life Basics Seminar is a roadmap to taking you beyond religion and teaching you how to be an active, involved member of a covenant community.”

Keith Abraham

“The course gives a practical and applicable plan for getting on track with the mission statement of the church. It shows the need for focused mentoring and small group interaction.”

Ryan McAdam

“The Body Life Basics seminar, used with the 8-week Delta Course and later the 24-week Omega Course, as parts of the overall Omega Experience that we are going through, has made all the difference at our church. We are becoming an Acts 2 church as we learn to submit to the Lordship of Christ.”

David Kelly
Chairman, Board of Elders Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, IL

“I am excited that I now have the materials to help parishioners learn how to live together as the body of Christ . Body Life Basics gave me the tools to help people see how to become holistic disciples of Christ, and begin the instruction process of how to become the person Christ wants them to be.”

Rogene Lis

“I’m very excited that Trinity Roselle is using Body Life Basics! I’m confident that the Lord will use it in mighty ways to draw His people closer in their daily walk with Him, and will build us up relationally as we mentor each other. It’s giving us clarity and focus in our mission as a congregation!”

Karen Mueller
Music Director

“Body Life Basics is a foundational program for Christian growth and maturity from a congregational perspective. It covers the breadth of our corporate life together by discussing how worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, life stewardship, service, and outreach combine to grow and sustain the health of the congregation and also greatly benefit the individual. The interactive structure of the program provides a framework that goes beyond just increasing attendance numbers to a concentrated focus on reproducing disciples of Christ and providing them with opportunities for growth, service, and leadership. The result is a deeper relationship with Christ, a stronger connection to their community, and clarity about our calling of servanthood.”

Rev. Bob Pudell

“Body Life Basics equips Christians to understand the process of spiritual growth and then evaluate their own spiritual maturity. It is an essential tool for church leaders who want their church to fulfill its role in growing disciples of Christ.”

Paul Bocci
Elder, Emeritus

“Body Life Basics is providing a clear and simple vision for our congregation of the full kingdom life that is possible for the church of the 21st century and a plan to achieve that vision through the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our community of faith.”

Rev. Tom Gibbons

“Body Life Basics laid out the organization of our church and allows you to find out where you are and where you want to go within the life of our church. It helps you figure out what you need to get deeper in your life at church.”

Eloise Anderson

“The Body Life Basics clearly summarizes the basis of Christian life and commitment in the growth process of the person, group, church and world.”

Warren Anderson

“The Body Life Basics shows me that the church is moving in the right direction. It gives a framework for our direction.”

Tom Cummings

“Without a goal, we drift to and fro. With a goal, we need a compass and a guide to our destination. I see Body Life Basics as a guide and to help us recalibrate to our goal of furthering God’s Kingdom.”

Matt Watts