Body Life Basics This six-session seminar is designed to train people in understanding a Biblical vision for our corporate life together. It trains people to think Biblically, holistically and practically about the church’s mission, functions, strategy, goals, coordinated servanthood and tactics. It is a perfect complement to the content in the Delta and Omega Courses and can be used as part of your church membership process.

To purchase Body Life Basics, click here. For a free sample download of Session 1 of the Body Life Basics Workbook, click here.

Topics covered include:

  • The wisdom of reconnaissance in a church context
  • Shaping your vision
  • Nine functions of the church
  • The Life Process
  • Global goals for navigation and goal setting
  • Our Organism – Coordinated Servanthood
  • Tactics
  • Logistics
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Watch Jason as he teaches the first part of Body Life Basics