Churches must go beyond being ‘spiritual hospitals’ that treat the sick. They must also become ‘spiritual health clubs’ that make healthy disciples who lead others to Christ and mentor them to maturity as Jesus commanded in The Great Commission.” – Rev. Jason Pankau

We invite you and the leaders of your church to join us to learn more about the Life Spring Network and Rev. Jason Pankau. During our time together, we will provide a live, detailed explanation of the Omega Experience as well as discuss the following topics:

  • The current state of discipleship in America
  • How to develop a spirit-led, disciple-making culture
  • How we can help you build a holistic, transformational, disciple-making community.

We are excited to be able to offer this live experience at no cost to you. You will enjoy the opportunity for interactive conversations among church leaders and have the opportunity for a more personalized detail of how the training, mentoring and equipping resources of the Life Spring Network can further help you and your church fulfill the Great Commission.

Following our discussion, a complimentary meal will be served.

In order to plan accordingly, please register to attend one of our scheduled luncheons by clicking on the corresponding links, contacting our office at 630-259-8438, or emailing us at If these locations are not in your area, please contact us so we can work with you to host in your area!

Visit our Upcoming Events page to view current “Intro to the Omega Experience” or You can hold your own.

There is no cost to attend!

LSN220 Beyond Self Help COVER_r7.inddAttendees will receive a meal and a signed copy of the book authored by Rev. Jason Pankau – Beyond Self-Help: The True Path to Harnessing God’s Wisdom, Realizing Life’s Potential and Living the Abundant Life

If you are unable to attend one of the live events above, we encourage you to view the recorded seminar taught by Jason Pankau on our website!


What pastors and church leaders are saying about Life Spring Network:

Looking back and with current diminished church attendance I have been converted to see that I have not grown disciples who made other disciples. I need to lead this “way” of discipleship now.
Dennis Beach, Senior Pastor, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, IL

Impactful information that will ignite and recharge your passion for ministry.”
Lamont Jackson, Love Cathedral, Chicago, IL

The conference gave me a much clearer understanding of the dangers churches face today. But it also showed me a complete set of tools to address these dangers.
Paul Bocci, Trinity Lutheran, Roselle, IL