2016 Disciple-Making Summit

The Disciple-Making Summit is an experiential conference designed to help you and your leadership team sharpen yourselves as disciple-makers who are carrying out our Lord’s Great Commission. We do this through a process we call the Omega Experience, which is a journey that we take congregations on to help them build and grow holistic, transformational disciple-making communities.

Friday gives you and your leadership team an opportunity to discern together where God is moving in and through your church community.

  • Awareness and Conviction (Stage 1)
  • Assessment and Planning (Stage 2)
  • Implement Your Plan (Stage 3)
  • Renewing your Plan and Growing Deeper (Stage 4)

Whether you are at Stage #1 or Stage #3, we help guide you in your assessment, celebrate what God has done and discern your next steps.

Saturday is the experiential component of the Disciple-Making Summit.  You will have an opportunity to experience seminars and classes that help you go deeper in your journey as a disciple.

  • Delta helps you build a personal growth plan.
  • Empowered Serventhood helps you discover you spiritual gifts.
  • Making Cent$ teaches you biblical financial stewardship.
  • U.N.I.T.Y in Marriage helps you build a marriage that experiences and expresses the love of God.
  • Renew Refresh Refocus Retreat — for people who have taken Delta, this retreat reviews their personal growth plan and helps to modify it for the coming season.

For more information call Life Spring Network at 630-259-8438.

To register please click here.