Jason clearly called our church to move from a hospital mentality to a health club mentality — not only focusing on healing the sick but training the healthy to build the kingdom. His message brought conviction without condemnation, humor without frivolity, and challenge with an inspiring sense of what is needed to move forward.

Mitch Kim
Pastor, West Alliance Church, Warrenville, IL

“I felt challenged to reach out and just love on more people in the community. To build and strengthen relationships with more guys on the football team, in addition to more people on campus. I heard a lot of people talking about how great the talk was for them…everyone loved it.”

AJ (Brown ’12, football)

“I like that Jason was able to connect his own testimony to my own experience as a student athlete. His story on how he found his wife while in college was very encouraging! One area I’m looking to improve is in recognizing God’s constant presence in my life. Jason spoke to this, and how we should seek to incorporate God into every small part of our lives.
Most of the guys talked about his approach towards women. Most of us have been in the situation Jason described before (with the girlfriend who didn’t share his Christian values), and it’s encouraging to hear about Jason’s turnaround from that situation.”

Ross (Brown ’12, XC)