omega-icon-2-300x300The Omega Course is an intensive 24-session journey that equips you for a lifetime of discipleship. Let’s explore what this means.

An intensive – Omega is designed to be basic training in discipleship. Going through the 24-session course you will be exposed to a big-picture view of the life of discipleship and invited to be trained in righteousness.

…24-session – Each of the 24 sessions of Omega can be a stand-alone seminar. Put together, each session builds on the previous session(s) to provide you a map with which you can explore, discover, and implement God’s Mission for your life as a faithful disciple.

…journey – The life of discipleship is a journey. You will need to refer back to the map during the different seasons of your life. Additionally, we have many participants who choose to take the course more than one time to become leaders and to get to the deeper levels of what God is doing in them through their Omega Experience.

…that equips you – Omega will equip you with a great toolbox of models, paradigms, and frameworks with which to seek His guidance and get “on mission” with God.

…for a lifetime of discipleship – A lifetime of focused discipleship becomes possible as you enter into a lifestyle of mentoring that will help to keep you on track and growing. By completing your personal development plan and using it as a regular mentoring and recalibration tool, you will learn how to seek God’s mission, engage His transformational work in your life and integrate spiritual disciplines that will facilitate your training in righteousness.

To learn more about the Omega Course, see a breakdown of the Omega Course’s 24 sessions, Life Focus Process and Identity Roles Diagram. You can also see the Rev. Jason Pankau teaching the first of 24 sessions of the Omega Course below.



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What Leaders Are Saying

“I believe Omega is an outstanding means of leveraging our understanding of the faith by learning to put it into practice and live the abundant life. I am excited about our partnership with Omega and for the lives that Our Lord will transform throughout the greater NYC region.”
D’arcy LeClaire, President, Alpha Greater New York

“The Omega Experience has equipped my church for greater work in Christ’s Kingdom and matured us as disciples of Jesus. The sound biblical teaching has helped everyone become more closely aligning with Christ’s mission. Our “good” people are becoming “great” disciples of Jesus as they are trained to lead others to the “real life” we find through faith in Christ Jesus.”
Rev. Dr. Charles S. Mueller Jr., Senior Pastor, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Roselle, IL.

“The Omega Course that he has developed has been such an invaluable tool for faith-deepening among us that we believe it should be a basic training for every Christian.”
Rev. Neely Towe, Pastor Emeritus, Stanwich Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT

“I am delighted to commend to you the Omega Course. I believe that every participant will be challenged to greater growth and focus in their life journey.”
Rev. David Midwood, President, Vision New England

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Additional Information

Below are additional ways to learn more about the Omega Course.

  • Free Omega Course VideosWatch the Rev. Jason Pankau teaching all 24 sessions of the Omega course on our website at no cost.
  • Free Omega Course Workbook – View and print a digital version of the workbook for the first four sessions of the Omega Course entitled Abundant Living.
  • Omega Course BrochureProvides basic information about the Omega Course in a simple, tri-fold brochure ideal for sharing with others.
  • Omega Products – Where you will find Omega Course products available for purchase including workbooks, DVDs and the live Omega Course.

To explore bringing the Omega Course or other Life Spring Network seminars live to your church, speaking or consulting engagements, mentoring/coaching sessions or if you have questions, please call us at (630)259-8438.