“I recently took on a new call to an establish church. The biggest challenged I faced was establishing a new vision for discipleship. Bringing my leadership team to the Life Spring Network Leadership Conference was the first step towards that endeavor. We have a long way to go, but Life Spring has helped to get us moving in the right direction along with providing the tools we needed. Our leadership is now focused on this most important task of making disciples. We will soon be starting Delta training throughout the congregation. We are so grateful for this resource to serve the greater church and pray that other churches will also consider partnering together with the Life Spring Network.”

Phil Ressler, Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Old Bridge, NJ

“Two and a half years ago I read Jason’s book, “Beyond Self Help,” and found it interesting, to say the least. I’m 70 and go to a church with a parochial school. As I look at the parents’ commitment to Christian education, whether it be Sunday School or day school or whatever, things are changing. Reading Jason’s book was inspiring. He’s got a lot of background behind him. So I called him and arranged for him to come to my church to do a presentation. A few hundred people came. I ended up buying the package for the congregation to use, but we needed to get our pastor involved and motivated because I thought something was there, so we all went to the conference (the pastor and the church leaders). I look at the value of the conference and the struggles with membership and the struggles with the confrontation. We as a church look for magic programs, but the answer really lies within ourselves! I came away from the conference, with Delta and Omega in hand, knowing that things happen and come to life because of personal growth. Even though we call ourselves Christians and may be active in congregational life, when you listen to Jason talk about what it means to be a Christian, we miss the boat about how to really be a disciple of Christ. Once that starts to happen, and not everyone will fall into it, but when they see a person change, they motivate and excite others to get more deeply involved in the process of becoming a disciple of Christ instead of just being “a Christian.” I’ve seen changes in our pastor after going to that conference. We’ve done Body Life Basics and are doing Delta, and our pastor is planning on doing one-one mentoring with Jason. Amazing how you can be involved in congregational life, but completely miss the boat. Discipleship goes a lot further than anything we’ve ever looked at!

Nolan Nordmeyer, lay church leader, St. Paul’s Church, Bourbonnais