connection-culture-icon-400-150x150The importance of connection among believers can be seen in Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17 and in Paul’s call in Ephesians 4 for love and unity in the Spirit. This six-session seminar will give you the guidance and tools necessary to develop a culture of connection, unity and love in which disciple-making can flourish. Without the five elements of a Connection Culture in place and embraced, you will be fighting against the grain of materialism, narcissism and relativism that hinder leaders from developing fully-devoted disciples of Christ.Relationship-Excellence_web


The Connection Culture Seminar leads your community to understand how to become more: united, caring, smarter, committed to virtuous character and focused on modeling and mentoring others in servant leadership. It is based on the bestselling books Fired Up or Burned Out  and Connection Culture and supplemented with Biblical examples and Scriptural support.

For a free sample download of Session 1 of the Creating a Connection Culture Workbook, click here. Visit the following links to purchase Fired Up or Burned Out, Connection Culture and/or Creating a Connection Culture Products.

Topics covered include:

  • The Biblical basis: connection unites the body of Christ and shows He lives
  • Research from a variety of fields on the power of connection
  • The three core elements of a Connection Culture
  • The two enabling elements of a Connection Culture
  • The Virtuous Character>Connection>Thrive chai
  • Intentional Connectors, Unintentional Connectors and Intentional Disconnectors
  • Character strengths and practices of committed members who are intentional connector
  • Character strengths and practices of servant leaders who connect
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