“The Life Coaching through Life Spring and Jason Pankau has provided a unique framework that looks at life in a holistic sense, demonstrating how to live one’s faith journey in all aspects of one’s life – from their interactions with friends and family to being a leader in corporate America. Jason teaches how to be a true replicable disciple, living out the life we are called to by Jesus, in all aspects of life, while providing encouragement, guidance, and accountability on this path. This exceptional Life Coaching is revolutionary transformative in its approach and execution.”

Robert Bull, Manger, GE

“I seemed to have reached a plateau in my life – but I knew there was more. In almost every area of my life, it looked good but there was a gnawing sense that it was not where God wanted me to encamp. Along comes Jason Pankau and the Omega Course…and it was as though propellant was infused into my spiritual walk! If you are looking for an easy fix – don’t bother with this, but if you are looking for a powerful move of God in your life – dive in.”

Trish Karpurk, Salem Ministries

“This journey…cannot be taken in isolation; it requires guidance, evaluation, care and understanding. Life Spring has provided that for us. Life Spring is helping us understand what it means to better stewards of the gift and privilege bestowed unto us by God. Life Spring is not a resource, but instead, it is the strong and powerful and coaching us and steering us in the direction that only God knows, but Life Spring understands.”

Jay McCloy, Product Manger, BASF