Life Spring Network’s licensed mentors provide feedback, insight, accountability, and encouragement for every stage and season of life. From relationships and family to finances and work, an objective perspective is often all it takes to help you find and take your next best step.

In addition to teaching, Jesus spent considerable time with his inner circle (Peter, James and John) and with the Apostles. This one-on-one, life-on-life mentored is key to realizing our potential in all areas of life. It’s the way Christ trained and molded His disciples into a group of spiritual leaders who changed the course of history.

Life Coaching Services

Intensive Mentoring (Christian Life Coaching): Encompasses a holistic approach to the life of discipleship. You will enter into a highly intentional, uniquely personalized and supportively challenging process that will guide, empower and encourage you to embrace God’s presence, steward your life from God’s perspective and realize life’s potential through God’s power. We will provide objective feedback and perspective for where you are now and will help you craft your personalized growth plan for where you want to be.

Our 12-session mentoring package provides the complete mentoring experience for those who are not able to attend a LIVE Delta or Omega Course.

Mentoring Services

Occasional Mentoring: Sometimes all it takes is a few mentoring sessions to really get things off the ground. Other times it’s great to come in for a routine check up! It’s timely advice and wise perspectives — when, where and however often you need it. It helps you to rightly view self, God, others, and circumstances as the need arises.

Passive Mentoring: Receive Mentoring through our Delta or Omega Courses LIVE or on DVD or through other seminars offered through the Life Spring Network.

Peer Mentoring: Get connected with others in your area that are interested in becoming more like Jesus. We will help you set up, connect with and maintain a peer-mentoring network wherever you are.

Mentor Training: Get trained as a recommended mentor in your area and be a part of the Life Spring Network Mentoring Network through our annual Mentoring Retreat and training events.

Additional Information

To learn more view or download our Mentoring and Life-Coaching Brochure here.

Life Coaching and Mentoring Brochure