“The conference gave me a much clearer understanding of the dangers churches face today. But it also showed me a complete set of tools to address these dangers.

Paul Bocci, Trinity Lutheran, Roselle, Illinois

“Impactful information that will ignite and recharge your passion for ministry.”

Lamont Jackson, Love Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois

“I needed the recharging to get some fresh ideas abut discipling in the local church. Great to know about a good resource…”

Curt Hanson, lead pastor, Elk Grove Baptist Church, Elk Grove, Illinois

“this conference brought me back to the basics and foundation of living a Christ-centered life.”

Lois Hodgson, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, Illinois

“This conference was right on Biblically and the concepts are necessary to grow to become more like Christ.”

An attendee who wished to remain anonymous

“I can grow churches. Every Church I’ve pastored has grown. Looking back and with current diminished church attendance I have been converted to see that I have not grown disciples who made other disciples. I need to lead this “way” of discipleship now.”

Dennis Beach, Senior Pastor, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, Illinois

“As a new pastor it was good to hear the perspective of church members of where the church is at. Being new to my church, this helps to give resources and tools to build a disciple making community. There is no need to reinvent the basics.”

Rev. Phil Ressler

“I really enjoyed and am blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of this conference.”

Sulma Martinez

“The process orientation and scope and sequence as well as resources offered will be of great help as we sharpen our focus on discipleship.”

Rev. Rob Minor

“The discussions had most impact on me because we were a diverse group of members. It was somewhat eye-opening to get everyone’s point of view.”

Bethanne MacConnell

“We are beginning a new journey. I believe the tools presented today may be part of that journey – a way to get things moving.”

Bethanne MacConnell

“You can’t change unless you agree you need to.”

John Caldwell

“We can’t stay here. Our church is in the process of change.”

Rachel Caldwell