Join us as you begin or continue your journey to transform your church into a holistic disciple-making community (a truly missional church).

Why Invest in this Membership?

If you would like to go beyond just trying out some of our products and services to effecting an intentional holistic (360 degree) transformation of your church, you will benefit most from the 360 Membership. This membership allows you to connect with LSN staff and other leaders in our network on an intentional journey. Our experience has shown us that this membership will provide the optimal environment for helping you to change the culture of your congregation.

360 Membership Price – $360/yr

What is included in the 360 Membership?

Expertise – Life Spring Network has been working with churches for over a decade, helping them become holistic, transformational disciple-making communities. We know many of the roadblocks that prevent true disciple-making in a church and have proven steps to overcome them. We have learned through trial and error what pastors need to grow.

Peer Mentoring – As a leader, you need a community of like-minded peer mentors who are leading change in their churches. This will help you discover how God is moving through other congregations and allow you to share how God is moving through your congregation. We hold regular webinars for training, online forums for peer mentoring and provide a private Facebook group for member interaction.

Intensive Mentoring for Personal Spiritual Development – As God is effecting change through you, you need a place where you can have your soul renewed and your development as a disciple encouraged. We will engage you in a quarterly mentoring session with an LSN staff member.

Masterplanning Accountability – As part of the transformational change, you will be providing accountability to your leaders and members. But, who is holding you accountable? LSN staff will help you build your plan and coach you along the way. We build into your plan Accountability Checkpoints – specific times in your implementation where we intentionally review where you are, what has changed and where LSN staff or Network churches can assist.

Member Only Resources – Members will have access to exclusive resources. This includes Church-Wide Campaigns, Sermon Series, Life Group Leader training resources, visitor follow-up resources and more. We also offer two experiences exclusively to 360 Membership churches that have made a commitment to transformation: Launch Omega Weekend and Church Masterplanning Sessions.

Digital Starter Kit – As a 360 Membership church you can receive, at no additional cost, PDF files to print booklets and/or a 15% discount on workbooks that Life Spring Network prints and ships for the first five experiences we recommend: Creating a Connection Culture, Body Life Basics, U.N.I.T.Y. in Marriage, Delta, and Renew Refresh Refocus Retreat.

For more details on what is included in the 360 Membership, you can view our overview document.

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