“The Omega Experience has equipped my church for greater work in Christ’s Kingdom and matured us as disciples of Jesus. It is not just another topical Bible class but a way of learning to apply God’s Word to our lives that makes sense – and makes a real, practical, and immediate difference. Our “good” people are becoming “great” disciples of Jesus as they are trained to lead others to the “real life” we find through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Rev. Dr. Charles S. Mueller Jr., Senior Pastor
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Roselle, IL

“The Omega Experience taught me to have better connections between myself and God, my purpose/mission and others. Discipleship requires perseverance and intentionality.”

Bob P.

“Covenant community is so vital! Good organization of how to train and be trained in Omega.”

Andrea S.

“The experience has created a desire to draw closer into my relationship with God. I need to surrender to His will more fully than I currently do and I intend to listen more carefully to His small voice as it directs my life.”

Elizabeth M.

“Omega gave me direction in my personal focus in my life and provided me with the need to allow God to use me as I mentor to those who God places in my path. I am looking forward to having someone to lead, mentor, witness, and serve.”

Steven M.

“An incredible amount of useful information was shared – it put our very lives in perspective as citizens of His kingdom. It also taught me that making disciples is NOT a choice, it is our job.”

Lisa P.

“This experience has started the process of surrender to servanthood that leads to freedom. Why recommend? The only way to know fulfillment.”

Carroll A.

“This course has helped me to realize much more clearly the expectations that God has for me and the power available to me
through Him to fulfill His promise. We need more servants teaching and learning from each other for support.”

Mark W.

“Omega has given me a better understanding of being a servant, a mentor, a friend. Through God, Omega has opened my eyes
to Gods expectation of me and made me realize and understand I am nothing without Him. It has made me a stronger Christian.”

Cindy S.