Spiritual Conversations

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Jesus & Nicodemus – Spiritual Conversations 3


John 3 Sometimes people will come to you because they’re curious about how God is working in your life, because they don’t see that in their own lives. God will give you words to speak to people in different situations. What we need to communicate to people who are trying to figure it out on […]

Philip & the Ethiopian – SC2


Acts 8:26-39 Before beginning a spiritual conversation, sometimes we have to be open to direction from God, to God actually guiding us. In today’s reading, an angel tells Philip where to go (a desert road) and what to do (initiate conversation with a stranger) when he gets there. Then Philip has to recognize the Ethiopian’s […]

On the Road to Emmaus – Spiritual Conversations 1


Luke 24:13-32 It is important to be able to start/have spiritual conversations with believers as well as non-believers. In today’s lesson, Jesus himself (though unrecognized by them) comes alongside two disciples and helps them connect the dots of what has just happened (Holy Week). By clarifying and deepening what they believe, he helps their faith […]