Hi, Jason Pankau here with another video devotional for you to help you walk in the Lord today. We are still looking at our series on the Ten Commandments together. We are looking at the 6th Commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Let’s read it out of Deuteronomy 5:18, “You shall not commit adultery.” There it is, straightforward. So what does that mean?
Let me take you over to Dr. Martin Luther’s perspective on this. He says, “What does this mean? We should fear and love God so that we lead a sexually pure and decent life in what we say and do and husband and wife love and honor each other.” Obviously in our society today, people get very far afield from this. Drawing back to a pure and decent life. Living a chaste life would be another way of saying it. Do not commit adultery. God intended sexuality to be expressed in the covenant of marriage and there alone and nowhere else.
Of course, Jesus took this, as He did with most of these Commandments, and really explained them. If you look at a woman lustfully, in your heart you’ve committed adultery with her. That’s why you need to see the greater meaning. A lot of the guys I mentor or counsel say, “Yah, I look at pornography from time to time.” They don’t see how that is destroying the kind of intimacy that God wants them to have with their wives and the purity of that. They don’t see why God would want to encourage that intimacy and purity so strongly, because we are the ones missing out when we disobey. We absolutely are. Any kind of sexual deviancy from purity will have consequence. Lust, which flows out of adultery, is part of the seven deadly sins. It’s an anti-intimacy, anti-community sin. It moves people to treat one another like objects of desire rather than human beings for whom God died.

I’ll never forget, it was early on in my walk as a Christian, when I was in high school. Tony Schwartz, by God’s grace, was discipling me. He’s a Pastor out in Las Vegas now, but he was a Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church at the time. He challenged me in this area because I wasn’t brought up with that kind of training, to really understand how you live this out. Even though I went to church every Sunday of my life. He helped me to think it through. These women are your sisters in Christ. From God’s perspective, they’re your sisters. They’re people, not objects. Even though the worldly training was moving me that way. It was that thinking that unlocked me. It helped me understand that from God’s perspective, I was going against the family. For me that was unacceptable. That was the truth God used to unlock my life and to help me understand the biblical view of chastity. So that we would not commit adultery. Don’t mess around with this area of your life. It has profound consequences and we miss out on what God has for us in intimacy and love and purity in community.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus, we pray that You would purify our hearts. That You would cleanse us from within. That You would purify our thoughts and our actions. That You would help us relate to one another in biblically functioning community the way that You designed. Father, help us not to commit adultery. Help us to walk with You. Heal our relationships. Lord, there are so many relationships that need healing in this area. We’re so grateful that Your mercies are fresh every morning. They are new. Father, forgive us. Help us to walk in Your ways, to walk pure. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

God bless you as you walk with Him.