Life Spring Network invites you to join us for a

Transformational Church Leaders’ Luncheon

Did you know that fewer than 3% of Christians feel equipped and are being used by God to introduce people to Christ and disciple them to maturity?

This insightful presentation delivers a strong message on the need for church-wide transformation.  Rev. Jason Pankau will lead you through the importance of why the church “Can’t Stay Here”. This seminar will take you through a brief history and overview of the Omega Experience, a discipleship training course, which teaches people how to steward their lives from God’s perspective.  The Omega Experience is designed to help pastors and church leaders train, mentor and equip believers in your church to grow in Christlikeness through building holistic, transformational, disciple-making communities. Topics to be covered include:

  • The Current State of Disciple-Making
  • The Disciple’s Journey
  • How to Develop a Spirit-led, Disciple-Making Culture
  • How we can help you build a holistic, transformational disciple-making community

A complimentary luncheon will be served during the presentation.

The seminar will be in the same building as the Best Practices for Ministry: Heartland.


Jason_1-96x96Rev. Jason Pankau
President, Life Spring Network, Inc.

Jason is a sought-after speaker, seminar leader, life coach, and consultant.  His experience in church planting, speaking, pastoral mentoring and life coaching helped launched the Life Spring Network.  He is the author of the book “Beyond Self-Help”, the co-author of “Connection Culture” and “Fired Up or Burned Out”, as well as the Omega Course and the Omega Experience Seminars.  Since 2009 he has worked part-time with Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL. In addition to his work at Trinity, he has been commissioned to lead the LUKE project which is revitalizing Lutheran congregations in the city of Chicago.

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