Join us for a Community Walk

Jesus gave us His light so we can bring it into the world.  A community walk is your opportunity to do just that:  be a beacon of light in Chicago neighborhoods by connecting with community members and listening to their stories, and possibly their needs.  You will also share information about Tabor Lutheran Church with the community, which might provide help for them that they wouldn’t have known about if not for the community walk (and YOU).    And, since we believe in the power of prayer, you can offer to pray for them and their needs, or to bring their prayer requests to the prayer team at our church. Afterward, we will gather at Concordia Lutheran Church to share our experiences, our God sightings and have a meal together.

As Jesus has proclaimed us the “light of the world, let’s not put a basket over our light, but let our light shine from the lampstand and give light to all who are in our community.”**

For more information or to join us on this Community Walk please contact Jeanine at 630-259-8464 or