Life Spring Network is thrilled to announce the publishing of Connection Culture

Written by Michael Lee Stallard with contributions by Jason Pankau and Katharine P. Stallard

This book creates a case for connection and building a culture of shared identity, empathy and understanding at work.

Organizations thrive when employees feel valued, the environment is energized, and high productivity and innovation are the norm. This requires a new kind of leader who fosters a culture of connection within the organization. Michael Lee Stallard’s Connection Culture provides a fresh way of thinking about leadership and offers recommendations for how to tap into the power of human connection.

If you want to begin fostering a connection culture in your organization, this book is your game-changing opportunity. Stop undermining performance and take the first step toward change that will give your organization, your team, and all whom you lead a true competitive advantage.

Inspiring and practical, this book challenges you to set the performance bar high and to keep reaching. In this book you will learn how to :

  • foster a connection culture
  • emulate best practices of connected workplaces like those at Pixar and Duke University’s men’s basketball team
  • boost vision, value, and voice within your organization

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