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Coaches Corner February 2017

by Lin Wahlen

What Journey Are You On? This past week, I had the privilege of traveling to Phoenix for the Best Practices Conference at Christ Church.  Over 2000 churchgoing believers attend this conference for fellowship, rest, celebration, education and inspiration.  In many keynote, breakout and even casual networking sessions, it is likely that the Word of our […]

Coaches Corner January 2017

by Lin Wahlen

Recalibrate…Good Times!  C’mon! January is a common month for us to make resolutions toward change.  We often search ourselves to determine priorities for change, and many of these resolutions seek to change the outside of us by what we do:  eat better, exercise more, spend less money, help more people, go to church more.  While […]

Coaches Corner August 2016

by Lin Wahlen

Follow The Light Into Courageous Leadership This past month, several of our Life Spring Network and LUKE team members had the privilege of attending a leadership conference called the Global Leadership Summit. Over two days, we heard a wide variety of stories and songs from all over the world with a common thread: following God’s […]

Coaches Corner July 2016

by Lin Wahlen

Please Pass the Prayer Last month, we talked about the need for prayer, building prayer filled relationships, and asking God to enhance our perspective on His power through prayer.  This month, we are going to look at practical tips for letting God change our tactics on prayer-filled living in the church. Why?  Because while we […]

Coaches Corner June 2016

by Lin Wahlen

Connection through PRAYER No pastor or church leader I’ve yet spoken with disagrees that we are all called to obey The Great Commission (to go and make disciples). The rub generally comes shortly after this awareness and conviction when the obstacles that are naturally a part of the spiritual battle start assaulting the abundant life […]

Coaches Corner May 31, 2016

by Lin Wahlen

One of the most common obstacles heard from church leaders is TIME. There are so many demands made of the church staff: funerals, weddings, dynamic worship, baptisms, youth and family ministry, service opportunities, inspiration, education…lots of spiritual healing. Leaders find it challenging to satisfy all these requests because there often seems to be the expectation […]